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Google home password

Hello I set up Google Home last night and when I went to use it through our smart tv it asked for a password which I don't have/know .After troubleshooting I established that you need to click on favourites with the but it won't open ..All the other ...

Des17 by Community Member
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Disconnect unnamed devices

Can anyone tell me why I cannot disconnect devices from my network? I do not see a disconnect button and cannot even read the MAC clearly of the unnamed devices.

Winhome by Community Member
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Google nest doorbell gen 1 unable to connect Google home

Can anyone able to help me out. I have installed nest doorbell wired and work perfect on Nest account under the Google email account, but that not able to add on nest to Google home.I have setting both under the same email account.Can you tell me how...

Steven61 by Community Member
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Send text message if smoke/CO detected

I have a working shell script that pulls smoke/CO status from the WWN developer API. The app sends text messages to multiple phones simultaneously if an event is detected.Unfortunately, Google will sunset WWN in September 2023 so my script will stop ...

apacheguy by Community Member
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Feit LED strip color changes don't match

Has anyone else noticed since the latest update to Google Home that the LED smart strip lights that Feit make no longer properly work with Google Home. All the colors are off, like when I select violet it changes to a bluish green, or red is light bl...

Bvz by Community Member
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Recirculating air

We have an air advisory alert of 408!! in my area because of the Canada wildfires this week. I want to run our cooling system to recirculate air while cooling rather than pulling it from outdoors for fear our house will smell like the thick smoke out...

Gerita by Community Member
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