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Nest Eco mode

Hey there, everyone I’ve got a weird question…so, in my house I have nest thermostat like most people have. During the day when my wife and I are at work, I have the Nest in eco-mode. I’m extremely forgetful and sometimes I forget to turn it from Eco...

Google Hub Max stuck on white screen with rainbow G

I have google hub max that was fine yesterday morning, it did an update and now this morning the screen was blank. I unplugged it and it came up to a white screen with a rainbow G. I have read comments on this and have tried the volume button reset a...

R0bb1ed by Community Member
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Smart devices don`t work in Google Nest 2

I have Google Nest 2.In app Home installed on the mobile phone, I can access to my smart devices and I can turn the lights on and off.My problem is in a Google Nest 2º, these devices do not sync this divices.

Fanan by Community Member
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App is offline and thermostat wont connect to wifi

Never had a problem with the thermostat previously - now app says "off line" (but my phone is connected as are all other devices in the house). I have followed all the tech support instructions and tried to re connect the thermostat but it doesnt con...

Polpat by Community Member
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