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Heating boost now critical, energy prices all time high

Yet another repeat request to Google , that I am sure will be ignored.Google making huge profits Energy firms making huge profits Consumer facing cost of living crisis Google still choose to ignore request for heating boost function on nest thermosta...

Ian1 by Community Member
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Bug with Nest Thermostat and Rush Hour

Is anyone else having a glitch when the Rush Hour begins on their thermostat? Its happened two days in a row so I'm sure it's a software issue. When rush hour begins, my thermostat crashes and factory resets. I have to resetup the whole thing. Delete...

PLLEsq by Community Member
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dikaslot by Community Member
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Wiring Nest thermostat to Lennox heat pump

Trying to replace a Lennox iComfort Wi-Fi thermostat with a Nest Thermostat Generation 2. The Lennox has red wire = R , white wire = i + , black wire = i - , brown wire = C . Need help wiring the Nest thermostat?

natbates1 by Community Member
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Thermostat wiring not compatible?

When I try to set up the nest thermostat it says that it’s not compatible. Anyone have more insight into why this is? This controls central air and a natural gas boiler. Thanks in advance.

Jspor55 by Community Member
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Chromecast remote white light always on

My chromecast remote won't work and keeps the white light always on. I tried changing batteries, updating it, using google tv to reset it, everything. I've even tried three different brand of batteries and nothing works. This is getting annoying, any...

Mellowor by Community Member
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Thermostat won’t turn on

I have had the thermostat E for about a year and was working fine until the last month or so first off I could never connect it to the Wi-Fi tryed plenty times with no luck left it alone because I figured someone’s always home to change temperature i...

Avinasmom by Community Member
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