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Slow NBN Internet connection over PPPoE

Hi, I use Google Nest Wifi Router that is connected to a NBN FTTC box. I have 50/20 plan but "testing internet speed" from both Google Home app and my laptop (over wifi) results in ~30 download/20 upload. I connected my laptop directly to the NBN FTT...

tmszdmsk by Community Member
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Nest mini

I’m trying to ask google to play Spotify, the response is “sorry something’s not right. Wait a few minutes and try setting up again. You can also try unplugging this device and plugging it back in” I’ve left it unplugged overnight and the problem has...

Shorty by Community Member
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Not receiving doorbell alerts

We have a Nest Hello doorbell that works great. My husband, who has an Android phone and tablet, has the primary Nest account t. Thus, I have to access everything through Google Home. I can see everything through the doorbell camera; however, I do no...

Nest Thermostat

I have programmed my Nest Thermostat for heating. It doesn't follow the schedule exactly but I'm satisfied with the schedule. However, my air conditioner also turns on and runs. How can that happen ? Why doesn't the OFF work? I'm trying to think logi...

cab2 by Community Member
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Samsung A6 series soundbar

Okay so I have a Samsung A6 series soundbar that I'm trying to connect through Bluetooth to my Google home. So far nothing is helped I can't even connect it to Samsung SmartThings for whatever reason. Anybody have any ideas?

New nest wifi won't connect to wifi

google nest mesh wifi will not connect via ethernet to my frontier modem/router to gain access to internet. keeps telling me to reboot modem. rebooted several times. no luck. any suggestions?

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