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Google Home App Symbols

On my Google Home app….inside my Google wifi hub is a triangle with an exclamation point insidewhat does that mean ?

Mikerg by Community Member
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Google Home shows odd WAN IP address

I've been using Nest Wi-Fi for six days now, and I see a positive difference in my Internet service. I'm getting far fewer dropouts and truncated downloads.I'm seeing a weird situation, however. When I look in the Google Home app, it says my WAN IP a...

No power

System threw a code E24 - when I checked the wiring everything was still hooked up and didn't appear to be blown fuse. Went through troubleshooting and waited to see if system just froze. Might need the r2 or r4 whichever it is to be replaced but who...

Descena by Community Member
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Yale Lock doesn't connect to Nest Connect

After finally getting the Nest Connect to connect to the Wifi (required setting up an additional home, different from the Learning Thermostats), now the Lock cannot find the Nest Connect, which is 5ft away. How do I get the Lock to find the Connect? ...

RyanJivi by Community Member
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