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Nest Cam Wired Gen 2 - Can't Mute Audio

Hello. Ive been trying to figure out how to mute my phone when Im streaming from this camera. I can't seem to be able to turn the audio all the way down to mute. The only way I can mute it is if I turn off the microphone and audio recording which is ...

150dpi by Community Member
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Google outdoor cam

I noticed that my outdoor cam has been picking up vehicle movement outside of zone activity. Is anyone having the same problem?

Benlau88 by Community Member
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I cannot find the Iphone to enact those requests. Can you trigger an alarm such that I can find it straight away? I'm already very behind with my work, and if I can't find my phone I'll be fired. Please help. Even if it means triggering a new softwar...

nhills2 by Community Member
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Heatlink Not Working

Hi I have a Nest Heatlink 3rd Generation, it appears to be completely dead. Its just over 2 years old. I have power to the unit but no lights. I have tried turning off the power etc but still no joy.Can you please advise how I purchase a new one.Than...

Patpat678 by Community Member
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Google home and no wifi

I have an old Google home device and it is working. But it can't find my wifi. I have done everything suggested and no help. It says it "can't find my device" on my phone. Once it found my device, but said it couldn't connect. What do I do?

Jean3 by Community Member
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something went wrong

Like others, I continue to get "hmmm, something went wrong" on my google nest speaker. It was not always like this, it used to work fine. I've done all the troubleshooting listed in these forums to no avail. The strangest thing about this issue is th...

GL4144 by Community Member
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Heat link v3 dead

My Nest Learning Thermostat has been working great for one year and now stopped charing the learning thermostat. Digging onto it there is no charge on T1/T2 and I've checked that there is charge on the electricity plug connected to Heat Link. I can i...

ramonnb by Community Member
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