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Thermostat stopped connecting

I’ve had my Nest 3gen thermostat working fine for years. This summer I added a new water heater so I could turn the boiler off during the summer. I just turned it back on and can’t get my Nest to heat the house. It connects, turns on, but within a fe...

Slambr by Community Member
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How To Factory Reset Nest Outdoor Camera

I need help resetting my Nest outdoor camera. This issue has come up repeatedly on here -- e.g., here, here, and here -- but no solution gets posted.I have a Nest outdoor camera. The device is set to interface with a wireless router that no longer ex...

JoeC3 by Community Member
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Accessing my thermostat

This support forum is useless! Where is the real support?! Meanwhile we are freezing because we can’t connect to our thermostat to heat our house!I’ve used Nest for years and no problems! Google gets involved and it’s a kludgy nightmare. Help!!!!

DuckThis by Community Member
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Google Nest not working or slow

Hi,My google Nest is giving problems. The connectivity is either slow or not working at all. Can mostly not perform speedtest or access nest device settings. I have unplugged and reconnected router, restarted google Nest, unplugged Google Nest, close...

Jaron by Community Member
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Can't connect third party apps to Google Home anymore

Because of some issues with ghost devices i removed the Homey app from Google Home. Afterwards i added Homey again and at first i got the message Homey connected, but after a while i got the error "There went something wrong, try again". I did this s...

fvhuizen by Community Member
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