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H72 Heatlink

Hi my Nest is showing the fault H72, I have checked the heatlink and have 240v there and it won’t let me reset either. I have 2 Nest thermostats on the same power circuit and the other one is working fine. This unit was only installed in Feb 21. Can ...

Feeky by Community Member
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Unable to unlink Lutron Casata from Google home

I have Lutron casata for almost 3 years been working fine with Google recently Google cannot connect to lutron decided to unlink and relink to fix the issue but it will not unlink every time I unlink from Google home the switches still show up in Goo...

maehak2 by Community Member
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Chromecast remote stopped working

No category for this. This support sucks!!!!!!!this chromecast remote voice command just stopped workingchanged batteries. Tried reset. Still voice just doesn’t work

Nest repair

We've had problems with our (wired) outdoor cameras and our doorbell camera. They'll go out periodically, or the video history freezes, or we aren't getting wi fi to them. Currently the doorbell (wired) camera doesn't work at all. It just died. They ...

TB1691 by Community Member
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Google home not responding

My Google Home will not do anything when I say OK Google or hey Google. I have factory reset it several times, the mic is on definitely, I have the same Google account linked to my phone and linked to the Google Home. I have had this Google home for ...

Nest doesnt work but old thermostat does.

The Nest thermostat was detecting a problem with the W wire and giving an E102 error. I checked the wire at both ends, redid the connections, and tried a different base plate and thermostat but continued to receive the same error. Out of frustration ...


why are all my photos look funky looking? i have tried changing the brightness it dont work. i am not very good with electronics so bare with me lol. any help would be appreciated. Getting ready to return this stuff. thank you in advance.