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Nest Audio Speaker Pair - R speaker disconnects

I have a Speaker Pair of two Nest Audio speakers. I want to use them as the default speakers for my Nvidia Shield, which is connected to a dumb projector with lousy speakers. I am able to set the Speaker Pair as the default Audio Output for the Shiel...

Brodi by Community Member
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Class action?? Something went wrong

There are so many people out there with the issue of either.. There was a glitch / something went wrong try again...I've tried every suggestion other than turning off ipv6 which I refuse to do.My device was working fine for months with no changes my ...

Ozgeko by Community Member
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Little Golden Books no longer read?!

My Google just told me that it will no longer read with me. That is the reason I bought some specific Little Golden Books, so that my kids can read with Google... Please tell me that my Google is incorrect, (I mean, of course, only if it is actually ...

TC007 by Community Member
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Minutes under the temperature

What do the minutes mean under the desired temperature? I have it set to 72. Under 72, it says in 55 minutes. What does that mean? Does it mean that the temperature will not reach 72 for 55 minutes?Thanks

LKato by Community Member
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Nest doorbell

Is there a way to get the Google hub to ring a chime like a normal doorbell instead of announcing that someone is at the door with the assistant voice?

Chromecast Google TV cutting out

New problem has shown up where my Chromecast with Google TV cuts out to a black screen momentarily, flashes a box that says "HDR" in the top right corner of the screen, and continues playing. It also happens in the home screen when not streaming. Any...

Jfkudla by Community Member
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