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Google Assistant

Hi, I’m having an issue with Voice Match on my Google Nest Mini & Nest Hub devices. My account is the one that set up the devices, but when I set up Voice Match on my other family member’s Smartphones, and they ask for music on Spotify or a show on N...

Shanoobs by Community Member
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Casting to BT speaker from Nest Mini

Dear all, when casting from my Nest to my BT speaker, the sound is jerky.Forums mention that Google is aware of this and working on a solution for more than 1 year.Still not corrected for me Anyone has a hint to solve this, please? I've tried factory...

Olivier by Community Member
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Nest Doorbell (battery) and cold

Have the new Google nest doorbell (battery) camera on my house. Has worked wonderfully until it got cold. So we took it off the house brought it inside and charged it to 100%. Drilled a hole in the wall and ran an adapter cable out to it for power. T...

New Nest Cam (battery) not showing video history

Hello, I recently bought a new Nest Cam (battery) for my new house. After the initial installation, it was showing historical video in the app, but after a few weeks, I got a message saying something along the lines of my trial had expired, and I had...

andyk by Community Member
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Still need a modem with Google Fiber?

I am setting up my new nest mesh wifi units and was told that I do not need to plug the unit into a modem if we have Google Fiber. Is this true or do I still need to plug into an existing modem?

Yale nest lock shows offline

I added an ASUS ax Wi-Fi router recently. Now my Yale lock shows offline. Moving the nest connect and reconnecting gets it online but soon it shows offline again. The connect shows as an active device on my wifi list. Any help would be appreciated. M...

browndk26 by Community Member
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