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Devices cannot connect to main network

All of our devices at home (TVs, Chromebooks, computers, phones, iPads) cannot connect to our main WiFi Network but can connect to the Guest WiFi we have set up. I have restarted the router and the Nest, the Nest is next to the router, I have restart...

RWags by Community Member
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Google nest

I’m trying to connect smart light bulbs and my internet provider said I need to have my gateways opened so I can choose 5g or 2.4g since bulbs work in that and I’m not given a choice via manual entry.

Hub Max display does not stay on.

Hello, I just purchased a nest Max and cannot figure out how to keep the display on. On my other devices, you can always see something, either pictures or the clock. On this device it goes black. If I touch it, or speak to it, it will light up. I tri...

pavz9 by Community Member
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Nest Hello notifications through Neat audio speaker

I've a Nest hello doorbell and thought you could link notifications via a Nest speaker (or do i need an independent chine?).Having brought a Nest audio speaker, setup on Google home (doorbell setup in both Nest & Google home) i'm struggling to link t...

akasha by Community Member
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None of 3 wirednest cameras including door recording

I’ve followed instructions about uninstalling the device, have strong internet signal, reinstalled the software and reset the devices and yes I have a premium nest aware account. None of my cameras record—they only take a snap shot. Happened right af...

ColD by Community Member
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Nest Doorbell Battery notification

Hi, we are in the early stages of setting up a new doorbell battery version to our home which already has 5 Google Home Hub/Mini devices. I have noticed when the doorbell is pressed we get an alert spoken through every one of the devices on every roo...

Gill501 by Community Member
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Connect to Epson ET2800 printer

I am trying to connect Epson ET2800 printer to wifi through Google wifi nest. The printer setup recognizes the wifi network, but does not accept the password, so the connection does not complete.

BWALSH437 by Community Member
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