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No Nest App Screen on Thermostat

I can't set this up because there is no "Nest App" setting on the screen. ?? I can't get an entry key because there is no option for it on the screen either. Could someone help me with this? It also says "low battery." It will connect to my WiFi but ...

Chromebook now unable to connect to Nest Wifi

Has anyone experienced new connectivity issues from Chromebooks to Nest Wi-Fi? My Chromebook is no longer able to access internet via Nest Wi-Fi. This is a recent problem and seems like it could potentially be related to a recent update (just specula...

rsknowles by Community Member
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After deleting and adding a new Google Home, I can't get my nest audio to complete connecting and can't get it to reboot manually

JQ2 by Community Member
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3 speakers repeatedly disconnect from wifi

I have 3 google nest mini 2gen speakers in my apartment, two of which are set up in a stereo pair. All three speakers are repeatedly unreachable through my iOS app - I receive a “disconnected device” error message. If I unplug and reboot the speakers...

melooh347 by Community Member
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Nest battery doorbell won’t stream video

Every time I attempt to view the live stream of my nest battery doorbell the UI takes me to the camera setting page instead of a displaying the video. I get notifications when the camera detects an object or person, but when I go to watch the video i...

56379A60-30BC-4D09-928B-8DD5C8DD6DE0.png CEB17B04-29BC-426C-85BB-A1B85D1BFF10.png
Robbyr by Community Member
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Google Nest and Air Print

I have connected my nest as per the instructions and when it is connected my air print does not work. When I turn off the nest the air print works. I have other google devices connected such as hubs and mini but they do not affect air print. Can some...

How to fix this

Disconnected deviceConnect to your Wi-Fi to castCheck that Disconnected device is online and yourphone or tablet is connected to the same Wi-Finetwork. Additionally, make sure local network accessis enabled in your phone or tablet's privacy settings....

Slap_ by Community Member
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“Connection Failed” - adding wifi points

I had a Google Wi-Fi with some points and just purchased a Nest Wi-Fi router. I had no issues setting up the router and wifi works fine. I however am unable to add any of my Google Wi-Fi points to create a mesh with the Nest router. I did a factory r...

akasjl by Community Member
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