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Nest thermostat E

Hi ive just had delivered a Thermastat E with Heat link and asked heating engineer to fit.I was out but he said it requires a stand , not included apparently. (Box not open and i dont want to open in case of returns) So is there a stand and if so whe...

sylvesm by Community Member
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Changing Wifi

Has anyone at Nest ever tried to change to a new WIFI on an outdoor camera that is mounted 20' off the ground? Kind of difficult to get to the QR code. Why can't you just go into the settings and change wifi? Why so difficult. Now my doorbell doesn't...

tk6831 by Community Member
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Sony Android TVs Keep Dropping Nest WiFi Ethernet Connections

I just upgraded a 5-point OnHub / Gen 1 Google WiFi system with a 5-router Nest WiFi system. All other system components mentioned in this post remained the same between the two systems.My gigabit fiber connection comes into my home via an ONT. The O...

davinwv by Community Member
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So have a single zone system gas furnace with air conditioning. One nest on second floor for a/c one thermostat on first floor for heat. Need help with wiring both together to one furnace that also provides blower for ac

terrible night vision

why was my thread closed @Brad ? you didn't resolve anything. It took 3 weeks to get a response and when i asked for further advice, you decided to lock the thread. We are still experiencing issues at night time. Original thread: https://www.googlene...

acire123 by Community Member
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Link between google home and cellphone

When spotify run on my google home, if i plug earphone on my cell, it automatically stop the google home to play on my cell. Also, when google home play spotify and i'm listening a video on my cell, if i play with the volume, by default, it is the ho...

maximemp by Community Member
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