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Nest app is terrible on iOS and iPadOS

Same problem as highlighted by others before: The last several weeks the cameras will freeze up on the app and just keep spinning. The app on iPhone and iPad has always been inferior to the android app (not to say a piece of garbage) but the last few...

AxelF by Community Member
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Does not connect

No matter what I try the Nest app doesn’t detect the protect boxes. 

Elk by Community Member
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Hot water still on after 48 hours

My hot water schedule is set to come on for an hour every morning. It is also linked to Home / Away assist with the option to turn off completely after 48 hours.However, I have been away from home for nearly a week and the hot water is still coming o...

Ethernet port not working

I've seen a couple posts with no resolution on this. I have a feeling it's a feature that's broken on Nest WiFi that worked with Google WiFi.I "upgraded" by getting a new Nest WiFi system. I reset my existing Google WiFi devices and started from scra...

idearat by Community Member
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Video display

Hello,When watching a YouTube video or Metford on my google nest the colouring is off & I can't see anywhere to change it. When on normal home screen the picture display is normal. See attachments

20220519_131430.jpg 20220519_131446.jpg
Mia15 by Community Member
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