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Screen Burn In

Hello Google/Nest Community,I'm having issues with screen burn in / vertical interpollation on my google nest hub (Gen 1, model H1A)Have carried out Factory Reset, but no fix.Please can you advise on next steps for UK Customer


I Cannot set up my new camera in Portugal, only errors when scanning the QR, my email not recognised on the app....the camera has been charging but no light at all, seems dead.... anyone with some tips to instal my costly camera :(?Thanks Filipe

Not responding

Speaker will respond to a Hey Google but when ask a question or give a command unit does not respond about half the time. The lights just fade away.. Wifi is good, unit has been factory defaulted still doing it.

Joffey by Community Member
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Camera historique bug

Bonjour depuis début avril je ne peux plus lire les vidéos dans l’historique, l’application bloque et on voit l’icône chargement qui tourne à l’infini . Depuis avril je sollicite le support mais il me pose toujours les mêmes questions et ça n’avance ...

Sebnest by Community Member
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Google TV live tab.

Under the "Live" tab. Pluto is not showing "all channels/favorite channels" option. I see the option on other Chromecasts with Google TV but not on mine.I'm fully updated, restarted several times. Have no idea why that would be. Any help would be app...

sporadically unable to cast to chromecast 2 from android phone

Last week a casting issue showed up on 1 of my devices: AndroidOne (A10) phone, screencasting (from android quicksettings) was unable to connect to chromecast, which is working perfectly fine (I was able to cast to it from another AndroidOne device, ...

sh136 by Community Member
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H72 - heat link replacement needed

My nest heat link has gone faulty. No light on it. Won’t reset and nest thermostat itself is displaying h72 error. Have followed usual advice and believe it has stopped working (not had this very long tbh). I read quite a lot of the diodes fail after...

Disconnecting from WiFi

Nest thermostat will disconnect from wifi after switching modes (from heat to cool or vice versa). This started happening after the latest update released to me on May 3rd. Seems to be related to the nest app on my android smartphone. Any help or at ...

Device Removed from Home

Hi,So I have 3 mini devices for about 18 months now, all working fine. 2 weeks ago an email address we use for paying bills and such on a shared device gave a notification that our kitchen speaker was removed by said email address. Had to factory res...

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