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Keep constant temperature

What is the best way to keep a constant temperature from 8am till 9pm?Do I have to set 20 °C at 8am and then 15 °C at 9pm? Or do I have to set 20 °C each hour or so and then 15°C at 9pm?Thx

thegios by Community Member
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Heat Link red led

Hi just an enquiry. I had a nest thermostat 3rd gen for 3 years now. I had the heatlink replaced 4weeks ago. But yesterday noticed its got a red LED on it now not thr standard green. I can not find any reference on what the red light indicates. The s...

Fatzell by Community Member
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Appalling App interface.l

How do I revert to the Nest native interface and avoid using the Appalling Google Home interface. Migrating my Nest device was a huge mistake.I changed the password today and this seems to have also switched off access to the far superior Nest interf...

Lcdxr01 by Community Member
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Finding the number of days between two dates

Is there a way to find the number of days between two dates, eg. "Hey Google, how many days between October the seventh nineteen ninety seven and June the fifteenth twenty eleven?" - that question produced the ever common "I'm sorry I don't understan...

SunnyRio by Community Member
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Single False Alarm

I am running 6 Nest Protect(s) (Gen 2) throughout my house.All have been working faultlessly until last night.At around 2:15am we were alerted with a heads up "Smoke Detected in the entryway" alert and as expectedly freaked out a little rushing down ...

Glenmore by Community Member
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Re-adding devices to Google home

After installing a new router and removing the previous one, I cannot add the previous Google devices that were part of Google Home. These include: Google outdoor cam/battery and google doorbell/battery. Oddly though I was able to add nest thermostat...

Google Nest Hub Max camera Offline

The camera icon is always offline and unable to turn it online from app. The LED light is off as well. Tried to manually switch the switch button on the back of hub can only turn on/off audio but can't turn camera online.Can anyone help me out there?...

Jeffreyzz by Community Member
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