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can't connect to chromecast on my tv

I have a Chromecast device connected to a Samsung TV which I have used for years. Recently when I access the Chromecast I get a message that the device is not connected. I have disconnected and reconnected the device, rebooted, checked the wi-fi , bu...

alpine by Community Member
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I think I got billed twice. 20$ came out 2 times out of my account from nest same day

Kswist321 by Community Member
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Can't connect PC to Chromecast but phone works

I have an issue connecting my laptop and casting from browser to my chromecast. My devices are all on the same network, I have the latest version of chrome and it works perfectly fine to cast from my phone to my chromecast but when I try from my lapt...

Prismatic by Community Member
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Need help with in home networking

Good morning! I'm a networking novice, so I'm sure there's a simple answer. I'm trying to set up my in-home network that already we newly hardwired cat-6 throughout the home. So to start, I have an Xfinity cable modem, Netgear CM1000. I've hooked tha...

song510 by Community Member
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Pixel Volume Keys Won't Control Casting Volume

My Pixel 4a 5G has no options to use its physical volume rocker to control cast volume. While casting, I opened up my audio settings and the "Cast volume" slider that used to show does not even appear. This happens while casting video and/or audio to...


Issue with Google chrome gen3 constantly buffering... linked to app on phone ... will later provide feedback to try again later. What are some ideas to resolve this? Wifi extender?

halls0331 by Community Member
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Yale Keypad Not Working

My Yale Nest Lock is working fine with the app, but the keypad is unnresponsive. I can't one-touch lock with the Yale button or use the numbers to enter a code. The screen does light up when I use the app to lock it, but it doesn't respond to touch. ...

jgjbanker by Community Member
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Camera issues

Hello I always have a problem connecting to my camera every so often . How can I get a membership or something so I have it connected all the time

Eddie74 by Community Member
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