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Music through Bluetooth and Mini at same time

When I pair a bluetooth speaker to my Mini... music will play on either one or the other? ie. I can't have music play on the Mini AND the paired BT device at the same time?? Is that right? So you waste the speaker capabilities of the Mini when you pa...

BigBrosMo by Community Member
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Can’t buy replacement wires?

I installed wired Nest Protects in my house and then did some renovations. In the process the power wire to one of the Protects got lost. Google will not sell me another. Not even asking for a free one. I started the conversation with “how can I buy ...

Nest learning thermostat pop out

Hi folks,I recently bought a used nest learning thermostat 3rd gen and installed it on my system. I got two problems with it:1. It is easy to pop out from the base. When I hit the lower part of the face of the Nest to select an option it will pop out...

dacng by Community Member
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Outdoor camera IQ

So we just noticed that last week our one outdoor camera is all pink now. What’s going on with it? Any help is appreciated

ZORRO by Community Member
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Nest Connect - NA004 in every scenario

Yesterday I decided to buy a Nest x Yale Lock with the Nest Connect, and the Nest Connect has been a nightmare.First, I was successful with connecting the Nest Connect to my home wifi network, but ran into issues connecting the Nest Connect with the ...

altjx by Community Member
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What’s the name of the page address where I would subscribe for subscription I just started though Google nest cameras and I would like to be able to record all my events and have them keep them I don’t know how to subscribe can even help

Mons by Community Member
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Radio alarms don't work like they did before

I have a Nest Hub which I have set up as a bedroom alarm clock with alarms which play one of my local FM radio stations. It has worked fine for months playing the local FM radio station via TuneIn. A few days ago the alarms started playing one of the...

Thksnow by Community Member
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Why did my google nest turn blue?

I clicked the button behind the google nest and i held it for some seconds. Then it turned blue, when before it was red since their was no internet. I need help please.

Andy12 by Community Member
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