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Nest thermostat locked

Powers been off for a couple of days - Put back on and My nest thermostat has power but is frozen with a rectangle and home icon - recognised by my app but can’t connect to heatlink which will not flash blue light to pair - any help or advise please

BRH1 by Community Member
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Heat Link Not Working

Overnight, my heat link has stopped working. No lights visible and after attempting a reset several times, nothing. I’ve tried everything suggested else ware of forum without any luck…Has power, just doing nothing needs replacement...


My best will not connect to my wifi if has a W5 error message 

Janet27 by Community Member
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My nest thermostat keeps changing its temperature by itself. All auto and eco settings have been disabled

Jiggy1 by Community Member
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Chrome cast location

Hi, I’m in New Zealand and have just set up my chrome cast with google tv. It I can’t download apps like spark sport and tvnz as it says there not available in my location. But I am in New Zealand. How can I fix this thanks

Floodlight does not work

Just bought the google nest camera with floodlight. I installed myself and it was working just fine. A few days after installation, we had a fairly significant thunderstorm roll through the area which knocked all of our power/neighborhood power out f...

Fan mode

When having only the fan mode on, can windows & doors be open? My installer says yes, but I want to make sure.

High5 by Community Member
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