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Nest Thermostat not Connecting to Home App

I recently purchased a second nest Thermostat, I made several attempts to connect it to the Home app on my phone, it was already wired to the havac system. Thermostat failed to connect with the app on my phone, I made many attempts. I had restarted t...

It doesn’t know how to dim the lights

Out of nowhere my best decides it doesn’t have the capabilities to dim the lights when it’s been perfectly fine for over 6mos! I’ve tried everything in the app suggested except a system reset bc I fear I’ll lose all my stuff!help please and thank you...

Germanh by Community Member
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Warranty claim

I've tried to file a warranty claim, but the form just keeps saying refresh when I finish filling it out. Is there another way to file a warranty claim or is it not possible to do,

Pupzilla by Community Member
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I am not able to cast desktop to my tv from windows 10 pc

T_T by Community Member
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Casting on two tvs on an iPad

Trying to cast on two tvs. Both have chrome cast with google tv. Can only cast to one. How do I cast the same to the second tv?

Richb69 by Community Member
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White noise plays heavy metal music

Recently when I try to use the 'play white noise' feature:, it plays metal music from youtube music every time. I primarily use this speaker to help my son sleep at night and had been enjoyin...

W1zn1z by Community Member
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