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Google nest setup

Attempted to setup router several times, QR reader will not read bottom of unit. And the setup key is not marked? I am switching from a Linksys router to nest. Using spectrum modem. please advise opinions or solutions

Mbasconi by Community Member
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Replay stopped working

I can no longer reply recorded video. It worked just fine for about a month, then suddenly stopped. My husband has the same phone and he is not having this issue.

Nest Thermostat no lnoger showing in app

Whilst I was on holiday my Nest App stopped showing my thermomstat , just a Home Icon which i can set to Away or not.I can't re add the thermostat as it asks me for the 7 digit key, but the thermostat says it is already connected to the account so do...

redders23 by Community Member
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Stumped on wire compatibility.

I have zero idea what I’m doing. I’m not sure whether to use the top row of labels to look up compatibility or the lower half? (Conventional or the latter?) I ended up trying to put it in and made my best guess, set it to cool and it started to use t...

Wulfysama by Community Member
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Could not reach philips hue

There have been a few threads like this, but still no solution. When trying to link philips hue account after logging in to hue and granting permissions, Google home app reports: could not reach philips hue, please try again. I tried resetting the hu...

Chazz25 by Community Member
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EZVIZ not connecting to Google Home

Hi there,When trying to connect my EZVIZ account to Google Home, it says that EZVIZ is unreachable.My Google account shows EZVIZ under my linked accounts. I have removed and linked it a few times as well. The camera doesn't show as a device on Google...

Radio has disappeared from Google home

Having worked since we first set up the system I ask Google to play ... radio every day. Today it tells me it can't do that. I've looked in the media section of Google home and Radio has gone! How do I add it again?

EllenR9 by Community Member
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