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Nest Cameras and Thermostat Suddenly Offline

Today my 2 outdoor nest cameras and my Nest Thermostat suddenly started showing as offline in my Home app. My network is working fine - computers, phone, and my Chromecasts are all connected and functioning. I've reset my router just in case with no ...

Expanded storage issue.

why did you make me type in a subject three different times before I could post this?I have a 64gb card that my Chromecast with Google TV recognizes. When I try to migrate apps over, I'm told there is not enough space on the 64gb card to move a 200MB...

Khawkins by Community Member
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Nest Wifi Teredo Network Error - Yellow Pulse

I humbly come here for help and support. I have a double nest router setup (one connected to an Arris SB8200 and one used as a node in the living room wired to my Xbox series x). About 1 month ago my living room node began pulsing yellow indicating a...

No hotwater

Hi, My hotwater is not working for sometime now. I.e. both hot water schedule and booster option are not working. But radiator heating is working fine. We manage to get hotwater by movng the valve pin to manual mode when required.We had few power cut...

Sound on phone, samsung 22 ultra

The volume when watching live, or recorded videos the sound only comes through my phone as if I had it to my face. My husband's phone s22 plays all sounds/ voices through his speaker phone. This is right after installing it. Every setting seems to be...

NikNak15 by Community Member
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Adding mesh point after facyor reset

So I have issues with one mesh point being weak. I gave it a factory reset but now I can't re-add to my mesh. I had 3 points and now it's only 2. I see it as a wifi point but when I try to connect it asks for a password and it's not my wifi network p...

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