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TRANE TCONT802AS32DAA conversion to Nest

How do I migrate wiring over to Nest? I am a newb to all of this… This is where I started on TRANE TCONT802AS32DAA: this is where I am; nothing is working; none of my wires seem to be detected on Nest. Receiving a e298 error. Thinking my wires are in...

07C0AD63-0FC6-465D-A6E7-E2B74F3A3130.jpeg 2B54F716-5797-4204-BC9A-62C2896F292F.jpeg
djj413 by Community Member
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Stage 1 Cooling not working

Hi: I have a Nest E with conventional 1 stage heat and 2 stage cooling and my stage 1 cooling does not seem to kick on. The fan runs but the air does not seem to get colder. Second stage cooling definitely works when I tested it as does the fan. Att...

0505FFA1-677C-46DE-8076-EF1D414FCE4B.jpeg 544EDFF0-9F48-48C3-AD37-B175453DB2E0.jpeg
Skindocta by Community Member
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Nest Camera 2nd Gen viewing from computer

I just bought a Nest Camera Indoor 2nd Gen figuring it would work just like the Nest Camera Indoor 1st Gen I bought for my parents with the ability to view from the web. Viewing from the phone works some of the time, but I work in a location where yo...

psu90 by Community Member
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Replacement Wired Doorbell Wont Connnect

I replaced our new Nest Wired Doorbell due to severe halo issues, and now I cannot connect the replacement doorbell. We have 4 Thermostats and 3 other cameras, and they are all working fine on our NEST network. The replacement doorbell doesn't allow ...

CFH2022 by Community Member
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C wire connected not working

HiI have connected all of the wires to the nest thermostat. When I put the top on and start the nest I get an error e79. The c wire is connected correctly so I am not sure what to do at this point. If I use the g wire as the power connection then I a...

Sharon3 by Community Member
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