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Illegal network

I've been for 6y4s fighting to live against a group in broken hill NSW Australia where they fun a digital networks via Linux and other systems where my device has no number or Mac address or Bluetooth they rigg all they set it up where the user is un...

Logging in to account

Hello, Trying to log into account. Unfortunately it wants to verify it’s me by sending a code to an email address I no longer have access to or can gain access to. Sold our business and emails no longer exists. Anyway around this?? Thanks

GregTim by Community Member
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My nest doorbell won't charge

Hi, I've had my doorbell for a few months now and I've successfully charged few times but it won't charge this time. I've tried 3 cables and 2 chargers with no luck. Any tips?

NickGreen by Community Member
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Please help! Google nest mini

Hi, I have had a google nest mini for a few weeks now and I have the problem that I have to log in every day to use it.My problem is not with the internet connection, the problem is with login in the google home app, daily I have to log in.System fir...

How to select correct microphone for Google Meet calls?

I have a webcam with microphone and Bluetooth conference speaker/microphone connected to Chromecast TV 4K.I'd like to use the webcam just for video and BT conference speaker/mic for audio.The problem is that I cant find a place where I can select the...

Chromcsst set up issue

I'm trying to connect my chromecast (Gen 1) to my TV but it stays stuf on this screen I've tried different Tvs and monitors to see if it will do anything but this is all I've gotten to se e


Routine not working anymore

I use the "Good night" Routine where it first asks what time to set an alarm and then goes through a list to turn off all the lights in the house. This worked great until a week ago when it stopped working. Now when I initiate the routine, it asks fo...

Windir19 by Community Member
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