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TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is only playing the adverts and not the radio station I have picked to play as part of my routine set on my speaker. When I ask Google what is playing I get one of two different answers - "Nothing is playing right now" or it tells me the...

Google nest wired

Just got a wired doorbell but found out the wiring for the current doorbell is completely messed up. I dont want to purchase all new equipment and install. I saw a few doorbell plugin adapters online, will those work with the Nest wired doorbell. I k...

Juan1985 by Community Member
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Nest mini hmm something went wrong

My nest minis have been working well for many months, and then all of a sudden they all started answering. Hmm… Some thing went wrong.I have tried factory reset… it works for an hour or so then same error. I forget and rejoin my wifi and it works… bu...

JT-is-me by Community Member
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Thermostat not connected

My Nest thermostat doesn’t connect to the wifi, this was replaced as defective,the new one connected to the internet for a couple of months then disconnected and giving an error,tried resetting it all over and still cannot connect ideas?

Sh-Na by Community Member
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My heater doesn’t turn on

Can someone please tell me how to fix my thermostat. My house has been cold due to heat not working. I set temperature to be at 74 and it doesn’t reach that temperature I don’t even hear it turn on. ?????

Chely89 by Community Member
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