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Wifi connection

Recently I have changed my broadband connection. Now I am unable to connect the wifi router with my nest hub. I have changed to factory settings but it is not working. Please help.

"Animal of the Day" doesn't work anymore

Asking GH "what is the animal of the day" no longer works. I submitted a ticket to report the problem and never heard back.Originally, it worked for both my husband and me. Then, it stopped working for my husband, but it still worked for me. Now, it ...

Google Nest Speaker not working anymore

How to get a response to my multiple requests for help from Google?Does anybody at the company actually care about customers? Or once you purchase an item are you just left high and dry when it comes time to request support?This seems unacceptable.

I have a nest with 3 wires. Red/Black/White

I have a nest system hooked up with two zones for my boiler. The upstairs is the main controller with the nest hooked up. There are three wires: black, white and red. The red is hooked up to the w terminal and the black is hooked up to the power term...

Rbrady by Community Member
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Google Nest Speaker Not Working

My Google Nest Speaker suddenly stopped working. I have tried all of the suggestions that are online and am at a loss. What are my options now? I am pretty unhappy that there there does not seem to be a Google customer care phone number.Should I assu...

Next doorbell quit recording

My google nest wired doorbell quit recording. Unit is only 5 months old and worked fine upuntil a January. I didn’t notice it until a delivery was made but I never received a message about a package at my front door. Is there a limit to how much one ...

Rudy49 by Community Member
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Nest Protect offline New Router

I upgraded my internet which included a new router and now I can connect to the new router and my phone App does not find the new router or ask me to select the new WIFI SSID and enter password. Do I have to remove ALL my Nest Protects from the App a...

rbeitter by Community Member
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