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Connecting chromecast with google tv to nest audio

Hello, I have a Chromecast with Google TV connected to my projector and a Nest Audio on the same WiFi network, but cannot use the Nest Audio as the speaker of choice to watch tv/netfix/etc, Audio keeps coming from the Chromecast. How can I solve this...

Pepbcn by Community Member
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Fascia is peeling

Hi, I have a Nest doorbell which I have had for approximately 15 months. I’ve noticed it’s started to peel. I initially thought it was a protective layer that I had failed to remove when I installed it but closer inspection shows it’s actually the pl...

Party8oy by Community Member
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fast bss transition

how to turn off fast bss transition on my googles wifi as it is blocking my hp printer.

Mackeoin by Community Member
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Macbook Pro vs Nest Point

I've had a Nest Wifi Router for a few years (not Pro). Recently I started connecting more in my garage where coverage is spotty and impacted by weather, so I added a second router set up as a point, Much improvement for every device except my 2016 Ma...


Hi I am trying to set my Nest to the same temperature 24/7 but it keeps changing the set temperature how can I set it up for the same temperature for 24/7 . Please advise thank you

BMEN by Community Member
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Chromecast does it own thing

Hi,Since this week we use a Chromecast (with Google TV) 4K and there are a few thing happening.. and we don't know why:1. The chromecast stops a app and return to homescreen.2. The chromecast turns off the whole TV.3. Netflix starts and I can't use t...

ItsATim by Community Member
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Longer charging cable for Nest doorbell battery

Is there a longer charging cable for the nest doorbell battery so the doorbell doesn't need to be removed from outside? Not looking for a permanent long adapter, as I see you can buy these online, but only a longer charging cable. Thanks!

LT2 by Community Member
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