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Google Chromecast Stuck On Logo

Hey there. Was browsing tv shows on my Chromecast when the screen suddenly cut to black and the Chromecast became unresponsive. The reset button didn't do anything, and no matter how long the button was pressed it didn't initiate the reboot cycle, al...

Nest Hello Visitor Announcement stop working

I have a nest hello for 2 years and I have a couple of google nest hub max and google home mini around the house. Recently the visitor announcement stops working on all the speakers and displays. Display products will show the video feed but they wil...

WaffleJP by Community Member
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Something went wrong

I have went through the troubleshooting steps, even manually set up my chromecast 3rd gen more than 5 times. I still can't connect it to chromecast. Am using iphone 14, lastest software.

meeshell by Community Member
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Phillips hue bulb won’t connect

I can’t connect one of my 3 Phillips hue bulbs and it was connected before so I’m beyond frustrated. I’ve tried everything. Even switched it with another bulb and renamed it due to its new location and it still won’t let me add it to my google home.

Amandaf by Community Member
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Nest Warranty claim system is not working

My nest learning thermostat stopped working recently. After changing mode from heat to cool, it intermittently let the ac run it turned on and off every minute or so, and eventually the thermostat stopped working altogether and has no power. My hvac ...

Devices is hacked

I believe someone has added my Device(Android phone) to their Google home or Google nest. I don't seem to have any control over settings and I am constantly being redirected or page not available etc... thoughts anybody

Sorry it looks like those lights haven't been set up yet

So my Hue lights have been set up for minimum of a year. Maybe longer. Just recently I get the error “Sorry it looks like those lights haven't been set up yet. You can set them up in the Google Assistant under settings.” I can’t turn them on by voice...

RPS1971 by Community Member
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