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Google home chromecast

My phone connected to a foreign TV via Google home, and this foreign device cannot be removed now. How can I remove the foreign TV from my Google home?

Tady1997 by Community Member
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ChromeCast Can't be seen by Home

Two days ago I tried to setup a Chromecast in my garage through a new WIFI extender, where it had previously worked but had a weak signal to the router. I found that after resetting and setting up chromecast through the wifi extender that the Google ...

sfvqerd by Community Member
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Door bell sound on phone

I bought this door bell for video id and also for an internal sound when someone rings it. I cannot get a sound to go on my phone, except a small push notification sound. If my phone is not near me I will not hear this. Do I need to buy a nest speake...

CherT by Community Member
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Low Battery Notifications

How can I turn on low battery notifications? I opened my Home app to check the history and it’s telling me both of my doorbell cams are low battery. I didn’t receive any notification that they needed to be charged. I can’t need to check to my app eve...

Identity theft

All my accounts has been hack and my bank account been changed and. Left broke cause I used Google to hold my identity secured and it's mentally exhausting to keep trying to retrieve my accounts and get my finance in order I hope they can help me me ...

Nest says no power at c

My nest says no power at c.. tested voltage at thermostat base plate and shows 24v. Reran wire, still 24vwith code 79. Bought another nest thinking it was an issue with base... Still says no power. Please help.

Wired floodlight runs out of battery

Wired floodlight Cam has always worked well, but recently I updated my router and had to reboot the cam to update the password. After doing that it suddenly seems to run on battery. I constantly get a ran out of battery message. I also noticed the fl...

Juanarcin by Community Member
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