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Google home app and Nest app not gelling.....

I'm baffled?! I've been struggling with my Max hubs (1st gen) for the last few weeks as the integrated nest cameras decided to turn themselves off and I couldn't turn them back on again. We are having a new internet connection installed and the crap ...

DizzyPuss by Community Member
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Subscription and App

Hi: I just purchased a Nest Flood light camera and I have a Nest door bell cam installed. The Door bell cam is two or three years old. I have been accessing it with the Nest App and no subscription. I bought the Nest Flood light hoping to have both c...

js53knott by Community Member
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Nest doorbell 2nd gen wired

I want to be able to see my alerts on my Samsung Tv either via my Dish Hopper or SmartThings app or however it will work. Both the Hopper and SmartThings app say “no compatible products found.“ I’ve followed all instructions a million times and no go...

Temperature not changing

When my thermostat reaches the set temperature it is not turning off.Also the when I lower the thermostat from say 21 down to 17 it switches off ok but the number 21 will stay on the thermostat and won’t go down when though the room is clearly gettin...

Jds737373 by Community Member
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Will the thermostat in this photo be compatible with the nest thermostat? Seems like two connected wires don't work with this system unless I can use the unconnected green one which is probably a ground and not a safe idea. Please advise. Thanks so m...

20221202_141625.jpg 16700112834267800011256391573249.jpg
cyndy by Community Member
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