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Unable to set fixed On/Off schedule for Nest Cam

Hello, I am trying to set a schedule on some of my Nest cams so that they are only on for certain times of the day and night. Some of my other cams are set to home/away assist, but I have 2 that I want in a fixed schedule.I am in the schedule setting...


Warranty issues/camera isn’t working

Have called in several times and have been hung up or promised to speak to a supervisor. Seem to be having a problem common with the nest cameras where it blinks blue but never connects to the app. Got told it was a power issue and I’m out of luck. S...

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Chromecast Runs out of Storage

I love the new Chromecast interface and everything about it--however, I don't love the fact that I can't put more than 14-15 apps on it and then I'm out of space. According to the readings on the device, there is 4.4 GB of space, and right now there ...

Doble wires Nest Termostat

I have an issue connecting the Nest thermostat. Can you pls help me with the wiring? That is my old wiring. The issue is W1/B/O (has 2 wires in one socket) and C (has 2 wires in one socket). For reference - my old thermostat datasheet.Quastions:Old G...

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