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Can not hook up to Nest App for 7 digit code

ModelT3007EF Nest Learning Thermostat.I get to the Nest App display on the unit it states low battery I push the bottom of the dial not happen Will not do anything or display any code for my android 11 phone. The unit is hooked up to my internet.

Cannot control Nest Thermostat using the Nest App

Recently installed the nest thermostat - I can turn the heating on via the thermostat itself but not via the nest app on my phone.The nest app is connected to the nest thermostat and the nest thermostat is connected to my WiFi.additionally if I try s...

Schalmers by Community Member
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Renewed Nest Aware under wrong Google Account

We got a notice that our Nest Aware account had expired, not sure why but it did... my wife forwarded the email to me, I clicked the renew link and used auto populate to fill out the form and pay for the new annual subscription. I did not realize tha...

Nest thermostat 3rd gen only heating in test mode

Hello!I installed my thermostat today and ran it on test mode and it worked perfectly. But when I try and turn the heat on with the phone app or thermostat (not hard wired) the heat doesn't come on. Does anyone have any suggestions?Thanks!

Hdavis248 by Community Member
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Please help me. Where I have to connect W2 wire?

My 0ld thermostat has wires connected to R G Y W W2.I am trying to replace my old one with Nest Thermostat. My Nest has 6 sockets R, G, Y, W, C, OB. It does not have W2. Should I connect W2 into Nest OB? Or my nest is not compatible with my old therm...