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Nest + ersatz hub speaker

Hi all,I have a Nest Wifi set-up with a hub in the living room and two nest points in the bedrooms. The wifi points are speakers, so we've synced Spotify music in the bedrooms, but I'd love to have the same music playing from the speaker I have in th...

mdini by Community Member
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Floodlights no longer turn on

When I installed it the floodlights worked at night. Now when I go to live view they no longer turn on. Also when I try to turn them on through the app they don't turn on either, as well as don't turn on with motion. I checked the settings and everyt...

Wrijul by Community Member
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Short Cycling, already combined Y1 and G wire

Just bought and installed Nest Learning Thermostat.Fan was cycling on and off, then run a short time then cycle again. Someone on here said to jump the Y1 and G wires together. It's helped, there is no on/off cycling, however it's taken 2 hours to co...

Chef_E by Community Member
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No cast button in Sky Go App

Hi,I am trying to cast the Sky Go App using chromecast.I have installed the latest version of Sky Go (Version 22.7.1).I have a 1st generation chromecast.I am using a Samsung Galaxy A32 5G running Android 12.I have the cast button on other apps like Y...

Google WiFi set up

I have had 3 wifi points working perfectly for a few years. Recently I have problems with drop outs so have factory reset and started again. The app shows all points not connected but by speed test is great. Also when I try to set up a point the eifi...

Gerrydir by Community Member
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Ceiling Fan Speed in Google Home App

Hello, I have a few Leviton Fan Speed Controllers in my house and am wondering when support for variable fan speeds will be available in the Google Home app? I would expect it to work similarly to dimmers in the app with the dimmer circle around the ...

I want to operate my Nest Manually / I deleted the App

This NEST (Pro Edition) thermostat is incredibly frustrating. I operated the thermostat manually for about 2 months before it broke. When the AC company came out to fix the problem, they set the Nest to communicate with an app on my son's phone. We h...

JRG by Community Member
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