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Dolby Vision noticeably dimmer than LG's internal apps

Hi My TV is LG B9 OLED. I recently noticed that CCwGTV with Dolby Vision is considerably dimmer than internal LG apps. I see that it has been mentioned here numerous times, for example in this thread:

Rogigor by Community Member
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No feedback for repair request

I have display issue with my google nest hub and i raised a ticket for repair since it's still under warranty. 7 days past but no one reach out to me, neither email nor phone call. I created another case. Wish google can take some actions. Otherwise ...

TJHU by Community Member
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Incredibly High Data Activity

Spoiler (Highlight to read) Last weekend, around the same time my Home app went through an auto update, give or take a day, the data usage graph for my Dell laptop began depicting occasional spikes of incredibly high activity, i.e., 218GB downloaded/...

Unknown1 by Community Member
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Nest wifi pro won't create network

I can't establish the initial network. I bought the 3 pack to replace my other nest mesh system. I tried all 3 routers non of them work. Tried resetting them. Turn off the firewall from modem. It gets to the last part of set up and says failed every ...

hooryder by Community Member
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Camera video never shows. Offline

I've had this nest cam outdoor for a while. Setup and worked for 6+ months. One day I went to view the camera on my phone. Just got the wait icon... So disconnected the camera. Removed it from the Google home app and nest app. Basically start over. C...

Nest Doorbell battery chime

Why is the chime not playing at it's loudest through the nest speakers??Please tell me that there's an easy fix for this ridiculous problem in 2023??? You are marketing this as a Doorbell, right??This issue existed in 2020, how is this not fixed?

chandy_nl by Community Member
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