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Chromecast Ultra Stopped

I have a Chromecast Ultra and out of the nowhere it stopped connecting to my network. It was just sitting there plugged in but one day stopped working. I couldnt cast to it or connect my Stadia controller to it.I reset it by holding the button down a...

minavizz by Community Member
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Blinking red light

I've had my thermostat for several years. Today, it keeps rebooting and coming back on for short spouts and says it needs to shut down to recharge.

tpreese42 by Community Member
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Nest thermostat lost power

Hi, I have lost power to one of my Nest thermostats. I have 2 heating zones, typically it's the one that controls the hot water that has failed. The heatlink has no lights on it, I have tried the normal turn of the power and restart to no avail. I ha...

Pompey79 by Community Member
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Nest Google Wifi Port Forwarding or Lack Thereof

Within the App on my phone you can set as many port forwards as you'd like and the settings do not stick.I've been a network professional for some time, this isn't user error. In fact, I had an old cisco router with wwrt lying around to test and that...

Jahosphat by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat

My thermostat effectively shuts down during the night when there is no motion to activate it. As a result the room temperature often rises to an uncomfortable level. Is there a way to disable the motion feature so the thermostat keeps the temperature...

molson100 by Community Member
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