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Battery vs Wired

We installed two outdoor cameras with floodlights at least two months ago. They are wired but we now have a message saying their batteries are dead. Why do they need batteries if they are wired in? Or are our settings wonky somewhere?

wifi nest change name

I need to change the name for our wifi using our new Nest.The online help says to go to the Google Home app and and click the wifi icon - but there isn't one. help please

sbnz by Community Member
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Where is my refund?!?

I ordered a Nest Floodlight from the Google Store. It didn't work properly and when I was on the phone with a CSR we discovered the serial number on the receipt didn't match the one on the cam. I have no idea how this happened.A CSR who was handling ...

Tettes by Community Member
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can't activate Google Nest Mini

So here I am, finally deciding to jump into the Google ecosystem. Got my Flagship Pixel 6 Pros and they are pretty good. Thermostats and all sorts of cool stuff, lets go! Well Google, how about you make your ecosystem actually work with its products....

Blaze2000 by Community Member
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Google Nest Hub too dim in low light mode

One reason I bought the hub was to replace my old style clock. I set up to display the clock and picked a clock face that I like. The problem is at night the hub goes into low light mode. The display goes into its default clock display and it goes fa...

RichF by Community Member
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