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Google Nest History

The history has stopped feeding back the usage per day. It works very sporadically and doesn’t seem to be very accurate. Why is this happening?

Adding a Video Chromecast to a speaker group

Trying to setup speaker groups in Google Home, but it appears that a standard Chromecast device cannot be added??Have multiple devices (Nest Mini/Nest Hubs etc), and these appear as a choice when creating a speaker group, but chromecast not?Why can't...

Chromecast built-in - but is it?

Have a device with Chromecast Built-In, but does not have the same capability as a normal device - but used to....?A Pioneer VSX933, with Chromecast Built-In, has always not worked real well, but could always add to speaker groups, etc. Lately, can s...

Creating and editing device groups

Hi everyone. I’ve set up some device groups in the Google Home app (eg. “Kitchen Lights”) to control multiple smart plugs in one go. Now I want to edit/rename the groups but I can’t see any way to do this in the Google Home app. I also can no longer ...

robmw by Community Member
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One wired point is not seen by end devices

In my network I have a main router to which are connected two wireless points and a wired connection to a switch with two wired routers connected to the switch. In the Home app all the points seem connected with Great Connection. But end devices, suc...

Gooyster by Community Member
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Home and Away routine

I do not have a “set up a home and away routine” option. Someone else was helped with this by getting Alexa. I don’t want this solution.

Janelle by Community Member
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Klingeln - welches Gerät

Hallo,wie kann ich es so einstellen, dass beim Klingeln nur ausgewähle Nest (Hub) Geräte klingeln/sich melden?Hello, how can I set it so that only selected nest (hub) devices ring/answer when ringing?

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