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Nest thermostat Ring Turns cant select Choice

I can turn the ring on the thermostat to get anywhere but when I push in to select a choice, it doesn't do anything. It is stiff and you can tell it's not giving. If you want to try yours, take it off the wall and press the inside. It should give a l...

Harligrl2 by Community Member
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Can’t get modem to give router IP address

Comcast is my ISP. I set up a Google mesh network and everything was working great until Comcast did some maintenance yesterday and the internet was unavailable. When they finished, my modem reconnected but the Wi-Fi router and points wouldn’t. After...

ABinABQ by Community Member
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Two of my Google Nest cams can't reconnect to the wi-fi.

Hello, I bought 2 wireless Google Nest cams. At first, they connected to my wi-fi. But after a few days, they stopped working because they couldn't connect to the wi-fi. I tried to add them back in Google Home, but the connection always failed at the...

Steve8 by Community Member
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Media alarm for the bedtime routine

Hey, I was getting pretty bored of my morning alarm in my goodmorning routine. So I was looking to change my alarm but for a routine it doesn't quite work the same. So how do I make it so that my routine sets a media alarm?

Tjoeser by Community Member
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