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Neat Thermostat Additional Boost mode

can you have a vote for your customers and see who wants and update in your thermostats software that allows a boost mode ?? I reckon 90% of your customer base will want this option give the customers what they want please …..

Roundy by Community Member
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Problems with speaker pairing between 2 Nest Audios

Just got a second Nest Audio specifically to use with Speaker Pairing, not the option is not showing up on Google Home. I did a full factory reset on both, they're on the same wifi, they're in the same "Room", connected to the same account, etc. The ...

Luke by Community Member
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Nest Lock Not Working

My lock says it’s offline, which isn’t unusual. What is unusual is that none of our pre-programmed codes seem to be working, and the app definitely looks different than a normal offline (which happens regularly). We’re effectively locked out at the m...

Heat Link

Thermostat has randomly disconnected from the heat link and won’t reconnect. Have tried repairing and moving the thermostat right next to the heat link. Nothing works. The heat link is connected fine to the boiler so it will turn the boiler on but ca...

Nesty2020 by Community Member
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Change the email to receive net home report

How do I change the email that receives the net home report? It's currently going to mine, but I need to change it to a new email account. I have the ability to turn off the report, but no way to change the email. I don't want to turn off the report.

starr4224 by Community Member
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Nest Aware - Something Went Wrong Please try again

I recently migrated from a Nest account to Google. I have two devices, doorbell and camera. I paid for Nest Aware. Nothing is being captured! When I press on the Button under setting for Nest Aware I receive "Something Went Wrong Please try again". P...

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