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Wired Ethernet in the attic, far from my cable modem

I need to provide wired Ethernet coverage for a single device in my attic, in Texas. Where it's hot. Of course my attic has no ac so in the summer it gets really hot, 100+ easily. What I'm thinking is...Add another nest router point to my existing ne...

Jkspring by Community Member
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Nest will not let me to connect to my Google Hub

Hello, new to this product. I have been using Google Home to control smart lighting and power for some years, but have just bought a Google hub (2nd gen). I managed to set up new rooms, and migrate all my old devices onto it, that works fine. I then ...

AlanG52 by Community Member
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the air is on all the time and cannot stop it.

Please helpMy air conditioning is blowing cold air constantly and I cannot stop it. I can change it to heater and it works but still keeps blowing cold air after the desired temperature is reached. Also, the furnace is going constantly for the past 2...

getting TH026 - Nest thermostat E Installation

Hi ,I recently purchased Nest thermostat E and started to pair. I end up getting TH026 error on nest app.i am getting the same error as mentioned in the below post.

Is the Nest Yard Sign Discontinued?

I purchased 1 Nest Yard Sign on September 16. Order was accepted but the shipping date keeps moving forward on a daily basis, and today shows shipping on November 6-8. I don't believe this date.The Google Store does not show the Yard sign anymore. Qu...

Nandi by Community Member
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