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Printer won’t connect

I just got Google Fiber, but my printer won’t connect! I keep getting the same answer that it can’t be found.I can’t even enter it. It’s wireless HP ENVY 4510 series. I need help

Doralou by Community Member
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1st Generation Chromecast Not Connecting

Hello all, I was given a 1st generation chromecast from a friend and we were able to set it up a while ago with no issues when the friend was here, but now we changed our wifi password and wifi information, it got disconnected once again. I tried to ...

Problem setting up my best speaker with wifi

I live in an area where in order to use my phone.. I need WiFi. And in order to hook up my nest speaker you need to disconnect your phone from the WiFi. To connect your nest speaker. My nest speaker won't automatically connect to WiFi .. so what do I...

mb78 by Community Member
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Available for specific video sites

Hi, so a range of our devices (PC, MacBook Pro) aren’t able to cast from the chrome browser to our chromecast. The message we get is “Available to specific video sites” - we have tried to cast using a range of sites that are allowed under chrome - BB...

Cmartin by Community Member
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Google TV Remote

is there any Google TV Remote with Play, rewind, Pause, Forward and Additional Buttons like A, B, C, D which we see in other TV Remotes ? is there any third Party Remotes available for the same? can i configure Custom Buttons for these Play, rewind, ...

HVAC dual zone single compressor with two dampers

Is their a way to link the two thermostats that each control a separate zone so they are intelligent? The old 'dumb' thermostats would each call for cooling independent of each other and just turn on the AC and open the damper they need, both could a...

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