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Chromecast remote not working

I factory reset my remote and chromecast as it was not working, but I can’t get to the paring screen because it’s stuck in the “introducing profiles on GoogleTV” screen and I can’t click on the get started.

ET1 by Community Member
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Nest speaker won't play rap

Hi, My nest audio won't stream certain albums from YouTube music. I have a pixel 6 & YouTube music premium but no joy. Only impacts hip hop - I tried Kendrick Lamar, jay z, pusha t but all I get is an apology that something went wrong and that I shou...

Moc101 by Community Member
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YouTube tv and Google nest hub

I have A Google nest hub max and YouTube tv When I ask to play an episode of something on Google hub it always plays first episode and won’t allow me to switch to next or anotherwhat can I do

Nest not holding a charge

My Nest is barely 2 years old. Last year it went off and I charged it thru USB Over the winter it happened again twice. Now this month it has to be charged every 4 to 5 days. Contacted Nest customer service and was on the phone this am over an hour t...

La3 by Community Member
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Wi-Fi disconnected

It seems to me there are a few of us that Wi-Fi has disconnected and we do everything we’re told and nobody has given us an answer that works .

Batch by Community Member
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System not Cooling

Just installed new Nest Thermostat and doesn’t seem to be cooling. System has run the fan for four hours and temp has not cooled. System works well with previous thermostat attached. C wire attached and working. No error codes.

owright by Community Member
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Hands-Free / Accessibility Questions

Hello. I have several questions about the Google Nest paired with an Android mobile phone. These questions are on behalf of a disabled person who CANNOT use their hands and fingers at all. So, I am looking for a COMPLETELY hands-free solution (no fin...

Dwayne1 by Community Member
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