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Google Nest 3 gen - Heat Settings

Hi There - Hope someone can help and explain in plain language. I have a google nest connected 1 to underfloor heating, and 1 for central heating - what I have found is that even though on screen it shows say 20d, when I turn it up to 20 the heating ...

NilMis by Community Member
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All Nest Products Off-line at a location

Our cabin has the newer Nest camera, the Yale door lock, thermostat and doorbell. For some unknown reason; they have ALL gone offline at the same time. The first time this happened, a neighbor was able to reboot the modem, and they all came back onli...

Nest Connect - On and Off-Line Sporadically

My Nest connect seems to go off line sporadically WITHOUT any change in anything in the has not been moved or blocked; it has happened when no one is even at home. This is my second connect device, I even added a new router at the suggest...

ChromecastHD unknown sources

There is no security $ restrictions options on the menu. How do you enable install from unknown sources for my device

Hanad by Community Member
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Picture Pixelated

For some reason my screen is all pixelated from streaming any app through the Chromecast. But if I switch to my gaming console the screen is fine. Two of the images show the pixelization and the other is the gaming cosole image. Any possibility of wh...

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Kevin72 by Community Member
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Neat sensor

Is there a way to set the thermostat to use a sensor for heating/cooling for weekdays and an alternate sensor on the weekend? This would be convenient for work from home offices.

Quinault by Community Member
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Nest Battery Cam & Battery Doorbell No Live video

Hi,So I have installed a new doorbell and camera and immediately ran into the issue of no live video feed. All events are recorded and notifications sent to my devices without issue but live feed gives the error of “Live video unavailable,The camera ...

Smokie365 by Community Member
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