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Payment made 6th January

You took my money £100 on the 6th January via Barclaycard and they have confirmed this so please stop sending me texts

Lindsey1 by Community Member
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Google nest mini shuffle request

Is there anyway to get a Google nest mini to not include the voice acceptance of shuffling a playlist?It announcing "alright the music will start shuffling after the next track" is not the best way to wake up! However waking with the same playlist bu...

Jedmo by Community Member
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Nest preview notification not showing

Goodmorning, Since a day of 3 a 4 my preview notifications stopped working on my Samsung galaxy S20+ and my wife's galaxy S20. On my galaxy 52s the preview still works.But phones have the same settings and are app version else having t...

IMG-20230129-WA0000.jpg Screenshot_20230129_080556_Chrome.jpg

Alarm bugg when using music alarm

When I set an music alarm that play from Spotify it start the song as it should on the time I set, but if I snooze and after 10 min it start to play default built in sound instead of the music I set for the alarm.

Magmo by Community Member
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Nest wired camera not available with routines

So if my understanding is correct, you can add your camera to the Nest app (if it’s and older camera) and that way you can turn on the camera at a certain time. **Such as 8pm indoor camera turns on automatically, home or not** But seeing as I have a ...

Error 83905....any solutions?

As posted by Jxsy02 4 weeks solution. I have the same problem.The app keeps displaying error 83905 whenever it’s tried to set up google assistant I’ve looked into all solutions and have tried but to no avail it still no longer works. I’ve r...

Cascade by Community Member
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