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Can't use remote on Google Home

So,I recently bought a 3rd Gen Chromecast. Aftre going through the process and updates I can't access the remote feature. I tried Google Home, Google TV (via the notification bar but also doesn't detect the Chromecast). I looked at other posts but th...

uranicold by Community Member
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heat link

My heat link for 3rd gen thermostat has stopped working. There is 240 volt supply, with no lights on, tried the 30 second button press, tried turning the power off for 10 minutes to see if that helped but nothing has worked, I think this needs replac...


Hi there i have 3rd gen heat link has also stopped working, no lights or any activity, and confirmed faulty by an electrician - he has asked me to see if it is possible to get a replacement. I'm based in Ireland. Can you help please? Best regards Rus...

Problems viewing saved video

We have 3 Nest battery cameras and 1 wired older Nest camera in our pole barn. One of the battery cameras is very inconsistent in allowing viewing of stored clips. See how some are missing days later? And when we go to view a clip where the image app...

Screenshot_20220627-140539_Home.png Screenshot_20220627-135230_Home.png
Jeepo34 by Community Member
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Nest vs Google Home web app failure

I am linking to a previous post to highlight just how badly Google failed with its new "Google Home" serviceI was coaxed into buying a 2-pack of Nest battery indoor/outdoor cams in Feb 2022, and didn't get around to setting them up until now.In addit...

Find my phone not working

Ok, so suddenly my daughter (family link account) can't use "Hey Google find my phone" on any Google home device. It response is that notifications need to be turned on in the Home app of the phone. It's a family link account so there is no option to...

Error NC021

Getting error nc021 or nc023. I have tried everything from resetting phone, Bluetooth, camera, and router to no avail. Please help!

Sschmad by Community Member
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I had two nest thermostats 2nd generation. I use it in a condo only for the eco sensing mode as maids and renters leave it Ridiculously low cooling temp and leave even on check out. So the first worked well for year and with thirty minutes people lea...

Bd1000 by Community Member
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Nest Battery camera - Idle feature

From what I can see, there is no way to move the camera out of Idle, to permanent 24/7 streaming unless it is plugged in?I made the mistake of buying a discounted 2 pack from Google and not setting up right away. Otherwise, I would return this item i...

Is this compatible (t wires?)

Attached is a picture of my current thermostat wiring. I have every wire compatible accounted for other than the far left 2 "t" wires. What do I do with them if they are compatible?

onysablet by Community Member
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