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Can't connect wifi after power outagee

I am unable to connect after a power outage and the nest does not se my rooter or any other and it has come up with your network may be hidden or to far away!I have reset the nest and switched of the rooter and also typed in the rooter name and passw...

andyreid by Community Member
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Lost nest IQ outdoor camera wall plate

I moved and lost the mounting plate for my Nest IQ Outdoor camera, which is >1 year old and now out of warranty. I contacted Nest support online via chat and they were unwilling to provide a replacement, even when discussing with a supervisor. I own ...

cmlong by Community Member
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Warranty claim

Can't figure out how to file a warranty claim. Have gone through all the support steps, but product still won't connect to internet or app. Have several other Nest that do. How can I contact Nest/Google to set up a warranty claim?

Nest Router setup fails

Hi,I have been using Google nest wifi for a few months and it's been working well. Now i changed my ISP, and problems have started. I tried to connect my nest the same way as before, but it did not manage to connect to the internet. I tried doing a f...

Additional L wire

Third generation Nest with a Waterfurnace Premier 4.0 Geothermal system. Hooked up the new Nest. But was left with one wire not connected anywhere. It was a black "L" wire. Not sure what to do with it. Tucked it in the wall for now. I did enter it on...

EdR by Community Member
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Resolved! Cannot connect new Nest to wifi

I successfully installed my Nest thermostat, but now that the Wifi can't be setup directly from the device—instead you must use the Google Home app—I can't find any way to connect it. I've been thru all the Google Home menus but I don't see where to ...

Nest Hello has pink tint on video

Hello, I've probably read every pre-existing thread about this issue and have tried all the recommended solutions to fix the problem. So, no need to recommend that I reset, factory reset, switch Night Vision from auto to manual or disconnect from pow...

liquid573 by Community Member
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Setup issue Nest mini in Bangladesh

I purchased a Google nest mini v2 which is available at Daraz online store, BD.I have watched several youTube videos made by local YouTubers. Today, I spend almost all the day setting it up, however at the end of the process, it said-"The update is t...

Dr-Tanzil by Community Member
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Power connector not detected

I’m hoping someone can help because I’m currently at my wit’s end with this thing… I have the Nest thermostat that I installed about a month or so ago. Immediately I got the N260 code regarding power, so I ordered the power connector and installed it...

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