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Cannot Connect 2 Nest E Thermostats

I have two Nest Protects and two Nest E Thermostats. I have both Protects showing in the Nest app. I can then add either of my thermostats (upstairs or downstairs) where it uses the protect to set itself up. All good. The problem is the second thermo...

ChopFoo by Community Member
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LAN stops working when internet goes down

I’m having internet issues with my service provider, but I would expect that the LAN would still work so that I could see the printer, NAS, and other network devices when the internet is down. My three Nest WiFi appear as offline when the internet is...

Timers on multiple devices & sync with Android

It seems timers are specific to the device they are set from. Is there a way to make them global across all devices in my home? There are many cases this would be useful:I am in the kitchen and set a timer. The living room speaker hears me instead of...

BenM by Community Member
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Nest X Yale lock - unlock from app

I installed nest X Yale lock and upload it to nest app and Google home apps , but don’t know where to find the features on either apps , I should be able to control from my Google home app where I have cameras for nest installed but there is nothing ...

MAD84 by Community Member
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Sorry something went wrong ...

Also a google home mini with same exact issue. This started about a week ago. I can no longer stream anything using voice commands. Using an app works fine for the same exact content, like radio shows, or youtube music. This happens every time I try ...

Invalid password

Hey gang, my nest thermostat keeps telling me invalid Wi-Fi password. I have two nest thermostats that have worked perfect for the last year then all of a sudden it will not connect to the Internet? It finds the net work but it will not except my pas...

Problems with Rush Hour Rewards

Has anyone had problems actually getting the incentive for the Rush Hour Rewards. Nest says I'm enrolled and I occasionally get notified that's there's been an event. I have never received the gift card. My utility is Duke Energy.

Saterry by Community Member
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