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I forget the user name and pass ، after comback my hom , 16 camera whith cabel and senteral wifi and work with simcard, that have modem worke to the several unit in apartmanI need user name and password for (DMSS )APLICASHEN ,THANKS

Chromecast with Ffalcon TV

Hey there. I've just set up my new Chromecast with Google TV and was hoping to never have to use the TV remote to turn the TV on and off and adjust the volume. There is no Ffalcon on the list of TV brands so I tried all 8 codes available for TCL but ...

Benraidme by Community Member
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Google Wifi Bufferbloat Problem

When any device on the network (wired or wifi) is downloading or uploading the ping on my network skyrockets from 15 ms to 500+, frequently hitting 1500ms or timing out.When running speed tests the ping to the router stays at 1ms, but pings to the mo...

Keegs by Community Member
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Nest Doorbell (battery) won't detach from base

My Google Nest Doorbell (battery) has been installed and operating for about 2 weeks. It's now time to charge the doorbell and when I used the provided pin to insert in the slot located at the top of the doorbell, nothing happens. There is no clickin...

Google best hub

My google hub device loads up with a grey screen with a g in the middle then does a normal load up. Once it’s down loading goes to a normal screen for pictures then turns into kinda like a blue tint type of screen makes the screen look all weird. How...

Tyler95 by Community Member
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Cameras and Personal Routines

Hello,While I have been able to setup my collection of doorbells/cameras with the Household Routines (Home/Away), there doesn't seem to be an option to add camera control to Personal Routines.I am (still) trying to solve the problem of having the cam...

Krutsch by Community Member
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Wifi and Nest

In my google home app history it shows that my Nest had been offline for 36 hours. However, I was connected to WiFi?

TRH56 by Community Member
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