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Install Nest where no thermostat is present

Hello everyone,Good evening, Here is my situation, I already have one Nest downstairs in my home connected to a HeatLink, however I’ll like to get another Nest to run the upstairs radiators. And I dont really know where to start since I dont have an ...

ClemD by Community Member
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Nest cam (indoor) power

Hello,I cannot find what is the power needed for the Nest Cam indoor.I bought an UPS with a USB socket 5V and 3A but it seems not to be enough for the cam. The led blinks and the camera goes offlineAs soon as I plug the USB in the nest charger the ca...

Wedge Screws, for angled wired mount

While trying to fix my doorbell camera, I lost my extremely tiny wedge screws. Has any one found what size the wedge screws are??? I was thinking I might have to order computer screws in replace of them, it’s the only logical solution I’m thinking of...

Mama3 by Community Member
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Doorbell won’t connect to assisting device

I had to factory reset my doorbell because it was offline and would not reconnect. Now when I try to add it to the Nest app, I get error NC016, then NC014 that it cannot connect to assisting device (thermostat). I have restarted the router and modem,...

Jills by Community Member
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Could not connect to Cloud Intelligence

I've been using smart plugs that use Cloud Intelligence for a year successfully connected to my Google account and routines. Suddenly it stopped working yesterday. I went in and re-paired all the plugs, uninstalled and reinstalled the Cloud Intellige...

TimCO by Community Member
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New Google nest

I’ve bought my first device and followed the instructions. The nest has been detected on the home app but it says it is not connected to WiFi. But my phone is connected to WiFi. The help section says reset to factory settings but it’s brand new! A Ch...

Loraine60 by Community Member
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