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Google Home App

Hi Google, Can you give me access to the Google Home App beta? I would like to view my cameras on a PC. We have homes set up in 3 different locations with multiple cameras per location and it is difficult to monitor the cameras on my phone. Specifica...

How to make fan run continuously

I had a new furnace installed yesterday and I need to make the fan run continuously. I have gone to the fan schedule and set it to run from 12 am to 11 pm all 60 minutes because that was the only option. But instead it only runs for 12 hours and then...

Replacement Item

I have been going back and forth with obtain the correct replacement item for a malfunctioning thermostat. After having to paying a security deposit for a replacement due to my thermostat not recognizing any WIFI. I now have received the wrong color....

Helpme1 by Community Member
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Home Spkr Not connecting to New router WiFi

Hi:I am new to this forum, my first posting..... Hopefully, this is being posted in the correct forum section. I do not know the version of the Hey Google speaker, (1st or 2nd gen?). The box says "Home, voice-activated speaker by Google". I do not kn...

VinB1 by Community Member
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Attaching nest

How do I attach the base to the cover plate there are no screw anchors in the box that align with the circular base

Moelt by Community Member
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Nest mini can bipass locked thermostat range

I have the Nest thermostat gen 3 in which I’ve set a 4 digit lock code and a allowable temperature range of 68-74 degrees. This prevents anyone from turning up the heat past 74 by turning the thermostat dial. However, anyone can repeatedly tell our N...

Nest Wi-Fi outdoor extenders (repeater)

I have Google nest with two extenders in my home. I have a coop/barn with power 300’ from the house. I would like to add nest cameras in the barn and point some at the driveway but need a outdoor extender (repeater). I do have a conduit path if I hav...

Which is better?

Looking at the video settings, you can select between "Max" and "High". Which of those two settings is the better one? It would help if you put resolution numbers under or next to each so that we have an idea of what we are choosing.

mdwash33 by Community Member
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